Golden Week 2022: Things to Do in Tokyo With Your Family

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things to do during golden week with your family

Golden Week 2022: Things to Do in Tokyo With Your Family


Golden Week is just a few weeks away! And, if you've been creative with your work schedule this year, you could have more than a week of vacation time to enjoy it with your family. Beginning with Showa Day on Friday, April 29 and ending on Thursday, May 5 with Children's Day, you have a couple of opportunities to snag an extra day off. But even if you choose to save your PTO for another occasion, there's still plenty of time to have fun!

There are always the traditional celebrations for each holiday. Showa Day is a great excuse to visit the lovely Imperial Palace grounds. Constitution Memorial Day, on May 3, is perfect for sharpening your civics knowledge, or for planning a trip to the Diet building. Take advantage of Tokyo's many beautiful parks and gardens on Greenery Day and, of course, fly your Koinbobori high on Children's Day.

But if you're looking for some additional ideas on how your family can spend Golden Week in Tokyo, we have some suggestions for you!


Enjoy a day at the ballpark watching either the Yakult Swallows or Yomiuri Giants (and their well-choreographed supporters)! Both teams have homestands during Golden Week. The Swallows play at Meiji Jingu and the Giants will be at the Tokyo Dome. Tickets are relatively inexpensive and games don't run much longer than 90 minutes, making them perfect for families whose kids may not want to sit still all day.


While matsuri season hasn't fully returned to normal since the start of the pandemic, you can be sure there are still plenty of festivals on the schedule during Golden Week. The Meiji Shrine Spring Grand Festival always has plenty of interesting things to see and do during its week-long run and a trip to Yoyogi park is never wasted. We also love the Nezu Azalea Festival. While most of the festival staples, like food vendors, are still canceled, the amazing flowers are more than worth a trip to see.


The Tokyo Sea Life Park is a must-visit attraction regardless, but free admission on Greenery Day means you have to go! In addition to tons of fish and other underwater creatures, your kids will love checking out the penguin exhibits. For the game-obsessed in your household, you won't want to miss Nico Nico Chokaigi. There will, of course, be games galore as well as live performances, tons of anime, and cosplay. This year marks the first in-person event since 2019, so it's sure to be buzzing with excitement.

Grown-Up Fun

If you've had enough together-time with the kids, you can always hire a sitter and make it a night out! Although the name makes little sense, the Obaiba Oktoberfest runs from April 28 to May 8. Kids are definitely welcome (and get in free!) but it's also a great opportunity to enjoy German food, cool drinks, and a fun atmosphere. Golden Week also serves as a kick-off for Forest Beer Garden, Meiji shrine's pop-up neighbor during the summer months. Be sure to make a reservation if you want the all-you-can-eat plan!


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