Family-Friendly Places to have Fall Picnics in Tokyo

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Family-Friendly Places to have Fall Picnics in Tokyo

Take advantage of the idyllic temperature and beautiful fall foliage and go out for a fall family picnic! Even if you don't have the time or energy to pack a picnic basket or an obento as it would be referred to in Japan, Tokyo is full of great delis, restaurants, and obento stores. The bustling city is also full of great parks catered to children and families that make you feel like you've temporarily left the city.
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Here are some of our top picks for family-friendly places to have a fall family picnic in Tokyo:

1. Showa Park

Access: Tachikawa Station (10min walk), Nishi-Tachikawa Station (8min walk)
While Showa park is a bit of a trek from central Tokyo, its grand size and facilities make up for the travel time. With a wide range of attractions including giant trampolines and hammocks, cycling, jungle gyms, basketball courts, caves, and pedal boating, Showa Park is great for elementary school children and above. While the park offers cafes, restaurants and food stands, why not make your own food in the barbecue area? They make it easy for you by supplying all the ingredients and equipment. All you have do is show up! The park is open from 9:20am-4:30pm (November-February) with a ¥450 entrance fee for those over 15 years old and free for children under 15.

2. Shinjuku Gyo-en

Access: Shinjuku-gyoenmae Station Exit 2 (5min walk), Sendagaya Station (5min walk), Shinjuku 3-chome (5min walk), Shinjuku Station South Exit (10min walk)
Established in 1906 as a garden to the imperial family, Shinjuku Gyo-en was opened to the public after the war. Because of its history as an imperial garden, the park is very well-kept and peaceful. The park also prohibits alcoholic beverages and asks that you refrain from engaging in disruptive activities such as frisbee, cycling or rollerskating. As such, the park is better suited for families with small children. The park is open from 9:00am-4:00pm with a ¥50 entrance free for elementary and middle school children and ¥200 for adults.

3. Niko Niko Park

Access: Aoyama Icchome Station (10min walk), Shinanomachi Station (5min walk)
Its easy access to transportation and excellent restaurants and take-out locations in addition to its variety of trampolines, slides and jungle gyms make Niko Niko park an ideal park for a family day of fun. Furthermore, the park offers bathrooms with changing tables, parking, allows you to bring your homemade or store-bought obentos and is stroller-friendly. The park is open from 10:00am-4:30pm (November-February) with a ¥100 entrance fee for children above 2 years old and ¥300 for adults.

4. Inokashira Park

Access: Kichijoji Station (5min walk), Inokashira Park Station (1min walk)
With boats, ducks, a merry-go-round, tennis courts, a track, a jungle gym, and even a zoo next door, Inokashira Park has everything you need and more to keep the adults, kids, and dogs entertained all day. On the weekend, the park is full of performers including magicians, bubble artists and musicians as well as vendors selling anything from paintings and handmade jewelry and toys to delicious yakisoba and ice cream. The park is also surrounded by family-friendly restaurants that serve Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Western, you name it! As one of the most popular parks during hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season, Inokashira park's fall foliage does not disappoint!
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