Family-Friendly Events in (and Around) Tokyo this Autumn

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A view of Tokyo Tower from the ground, looking up with blue skies in the background, with text that reads "Family Friendly Things to Do this Autumn" and text below that, with an arrow, that reads "You can climb Tokyo Tower!"

Family-Friendly Events in (and Around) Tokyo this Autumn


Autumn in Tokyo is a wonderful time of year to explore and experience new things with your family. The weather is great — gone are the hot and humid post-rainy season days and it's not yet too chilly to enjoy outdoor events when the sun goes down.

To inspire your family's next adventure in and around the city, we've listed a few of the upcoming events we're most looking forward to below!


Moon Art Night

Through Sept. 25

Head to hip Shimokitazawa for the consignment shops, fun restaurants and this unique nighttime art installation series. Each artwork is a different ode to the moon, whether interpreted through a rabbit or the sounds of the ocean.


Toyosu Oktoberfest

Sept. 16 - Oct. 2

As you might be able to guess, this is a very beer-forward event. However, it's also a great opportunity for the underage members of your family to enjoy foreign foods, like pretzels and sausage, and live performances from a diverse array of musicians. Entry is free; you'll just pay for your food and drink as you go.


STEP UP Tokyo Tower Climb

Oct. 2

TELL Japan hosts this annual event in an effort to bring awareness to and destigmatize mental issues in Japan. Children as young as four can join the grown-ups as you climb up Tokyo Tower in a show of support for mental health. Registration fees vary and help TELL deliver mental health services to youth and adults in Tokyo.


Railway Festival

Oct. 8 & 9

Japan's rail system is an impressive feat — and the envy of many countries around the world! Come out to celebrate this invaluable public transit system and learn more about its history, its operations and its future. Plus, Thomas the Tank Engine will make an appearance!


Takadanobaba Yabusame Festival Day

Oct. 10

Never miss an opportunity to enjoy this watching incredible sport — essentially, archery via horseback! Traditionally held in celebration of the birth of a new ruler, the event moved to Toyama park in the late 1960s and is held on Sports Day to ward off evil.


Bakeneko Festival

Oct. 16

Warm up for Halloween at this fun and funny festival in Kagurazaka! Participants dress as cats — any kind of cats — even if, according to the festival page, they don't like cats! It's an opportunity to be silly and practice your crafting skills in preparation for your Halloween costume.



Oct. 22

Grab a few of your fit family members (anyone under 18 has to be accompanied by a parent or guardian) and set out on this epic trek: A visit to every one of the 30 stations on the Yamanote line, in 12 hours. The full "Yamathon" is 42 km and there is an option to do a half version, as well. Registration fees benefit the Yokohama Children's Hospice Project.

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