The CareFinder Team's Favorite Summer Activities

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carefinder team's favorite summer activities

The CareFinder Team's Favorite Summer Activities

Summer is almost here and the CareFinder team can't wait! We wanted to share some of our own favorite summertime activities. Check them out below and remember, CareFinder's community of babysitters is always here to help you and your family enjoy your own summer adventures!
Megumi Moss - Founder and CEO
"I love going to my home town in Shiga with my children. They can spend time with grand parents and cousins. Our daughter really enjoys activities and festivals she can not experience in Tokyo. We are looking forward to visiting there this summer too"
Trevor Moss - COO
"I spend part of the summer in the United States. I'm originally from Missouri and like taking my kids to historic places in the country. In the past, we've visited landmarks from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer."
Jasmine - Family Support and Babysitter Recruitment
"In the Summer I really Enjoy going to the different festivals in Tokyo as well as being a part of them! I also really like to travel with my family to different locations when I can and enjoy the local food and scenery. This summer I am looking forward to BBQ`ing it up with my friends and maybe go to the beach a few times."

Senri - Family Support and Babysitter Recruitment

"I like to go to the beach in summer. My favorite things to do at the beach are swimming, having BBQ, and sparklers. I also like to go to festivals in my hometown because I get to see many Okinawa traditional performances. I liked going to some events in NYC. There are lots of free events such as concerts and food festival."

Nano - Babysitter Recruitment
"I used to go to Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival every year. I am very excited to take my husband who is new to Japan this year. And hopefully, I will take my grandmother Hokkaido this summer because my ancestors came from there and she spent her young with my grandfather. Not sure when yet but this is my goal for the summer!"
Michelle - Content Manager
"I love the beach and Enoshima is beautiful! It's only about an hour train ride away from my home in Tokyo, so I can get there early in the day and read on the beach before it gets too hot. The surfers are fun to watch and the island itself has a lot of little shops and shrines to check out. Not to mention a stunning view of Fuji on a clear day!"
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