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CareFinder opens membership for the beta version its babysitter matching site


CareFinder K.K. (Minami-Aoyama 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo), CEO and founder Megumi Moss, myself, did the first press release for the beta version of CareFinder, a babysitter matching site which connect needs of parents and babysitters.  Below I describe my first press release.
When I was working I started to think about having my own children and became concerned about inadequate childcare environment in Japan and the difficulty of balancing work and raising a family.   Then, I started to become interested in babysitter services, which are popular in my husband’s home country, the United States.   As a parent, I strongly felt that it is important to introduce this type of matching sites, connecting parents and sitters, with safety in mind, in Japan.  So, I aimed to create CareFinder.  
CareFinder’s safety features include, membership system system with an ID check for sitters, guides on how to use sitters on the site, and various tips for interviews and jobs.  What is most important about safety is interviewing the sitter and introducing the sitter to the family.  CareFinder walks the user through this process.  In addition, CareFinder has a review system which people can check what kind of babysitters is enrolled and their evaluation.
CareFinder will build a community of support for childcare, that meets the needs of may people, by creating a venue to connect parents who are looking for babysitters and eager babysitters who are looking for jobs.

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