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CareFinder Babysitter of the Month Rachel

CareFinder Babysitter of the Month: Rachel

At CareFinder, we are proud of our diverse, talented community of babysitters. The CareFinder team puts a lot of time and effort into finding sitters who are not only qualified and trustworthy, but who will also work well with the equally amazing and diverse community of families who use our platform.
Every month, we like to showcase a babysitter who epitomizes what the CareFinder community is all about. This month, we're highlighting Rachel!
Rachel is originally from the United Kingdom and has background in horseback riding instruction! In addition to her love of animals, Rachel is a big fan of Disney. She's happy to help teach your children English or about European history, as well as color and play at the park. While not much of a cook, Rachel can certainly use a microwave to reheat a meal or two!
We asked Rachel a few questions to learn more about this superstar babysitter.
What drew you to babysitting? 
I enjoy spending time with children and teaching them.
What do you like about working on CareFinder? 
I find the team at Carefinder because they're organized as well as friendly and professional. I like that the service is available in other areas of Japan, so if I were to leave Tokyo I could do jobs in places like Osaka.
What do you like best about babysitting? 
I enjoy spreading knowledge to the next generation. I believe in equality and living and working with others from all races and cultures and I think children need to experience different cultures in order to have a more open mind.
What do you find most challenging about babysitting? 
I find the first meeting to be challenging as it is important to build rapport with both child and parent alike. I am a horse riding instructor , also, and have taught many children and it sometimes takes a while to build that relationship.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
I am an animal lover, especially horses and dogs. I enjoy visiting places of interest and parks. My favourite park is Ueno; I seem to keep going back there. I am a huge Disney fan and enjoy watching Disney films and listening to Disney songs, especially the Little Mermaid. I went to the ohmydisney cafe last week with its current theme Little Mermaid
I have been wanting to visit Japan for a long time so I also enjoy visiting museums and shrines and temples. I am planning on going to Meiji Jingu on Saturday!
In what ways have working with kids impacted your life? 
Working with children gives me great joy as I watch them grow and learn and that I have been a part of their growth. I also enjoy interacting with them as they develop their own ideas for games
Do you have any fond memories or stories from babysitting? 
I am a horse riding instructor and there are times when I look after children during lunchtimes as well as when they are around the horses. I find it very rewarding to watch as a child grows from being a beginner to an independent rider. I have helped children who are shy at first and I help them open up through horses as horses don’t judge. Horses have helped me through the same way
What's your philosophy when it comes to caring for children? 
I treat children as an individual as no one is the same. Some children take time to get used to something new and some are more open. I try and use different activities to include this. Example some children like Disney or they may like a sport or pop culture
Anything you'd like to tell us...
I think CareFinder is an excellent service for all. They are a professional, friendly team which helps travelers to interact with locals.
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