CareFinder Babysitter of the Month: Brittany

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CareFinder Babysitter of the Month Brittany

CareFinder Babysitter of the Month: Brittany


The babysitters in the CareFinder community have many unique backgrounds, talents and insights into what makes a good sitter. Every month, we highlight someone doing an exceptional job. This month we'd like to introduce you to Brittany!

Brittany is originally from California, where she grew up with nine siblings! Her younger brothers and sisters have given her plenty of babysitting experience. and she is also studying art therapy for children.

Brittany is happy to help your kids learn English, do arts and crafts or cook a delicious, healthy meal. We asked Brittany a few questions to learn more about her, as well!

What drew you to babysitting? 
I have 9 siblings back home in America and I have always loved caring for children. Ever since I was a child myself, people would ask “what do you want to be when you grow up?” And I would always say, “I want to be a mom!” Although I don’t have children of my own yet I still love caring for others it is in my nature!
What do you like about working on CareFinder? 
I like working with Care Finder because it is safe, easy, and as a foreigner I know I am in good hands with the company.
What do you like best about babysitting? 
I think the moment once a child sees me enter their home and lights up because they’re excited to learn and play with me. I love hearing about their days in school the nostalgia is heart warming.
What do you find most challenging about babysitting? 
The hardest part about babysitting in Japan is that many children know 2-3 or maybe more languages and the communication barrier can be tough at times but ultimately the hardest part is going to be when I move back to the United States and have to say good bye. I would love to see the kids grow up like my siblings.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
I learn k-pop dances, paint, model, and watch lots of cartoons and movies.
In what ways have working with kids impacted your life? 
It has given me the gift of patience and selflessness. Caring for others gives me a purpose in life.
Do you have any fond memories or stories from babysitting? 
Yes! I have babysat a girl before who loved Elsa and thought I looked like her. She spent time combing my hair and braiding it and we pretended to be princesses and go into a world of imagination.
What's your philosophy when it comes to caring for children? 
I think it’s important to listen to children and really try to understand where they are coming from because to them everything is new in the world they are not as experienced.
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