Babysitter of the Month: Rina

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Babysitter of the Month: Rina

Babysitter of the Month: Rina

This month, we'd like to introduce you to Rina!
Rina is a preschool and ESL teacher at an international school in Tokyo. Having grown up attending international schools herself, both abroad and here in Japan, Rina is not only bilingual in English and Japanese but also a very multicultural individual. After completing her International Baccalaureate diploma, Rina attended university in the Netherlands and upon graduation, moved back to Tokyo to become a teacher.
Rina has extensive experience looking after children aged between 3 and 12 years old. For four summers, Rina worked as a teacher/assistant teacher at international schools and language schools, teaching English as well as mathematics through creative and fun activities. Rina also babysat for families for 2 years while she was in the Netherlands.
Rina loves getting active and creative with kids through games as well as arts and crafts. When it comes to caring for children, Rina believes it is important to maintain a balance of always making sure that they know that you care for them and to show them affection while also giving them a sense of independence.
Families who have worked with Rina describe her as a great babysitter who is friendly and flexible. Parents love that Rina is not only reliable but also educational in her babysitting style.
We asked Rina to answer a few questions to get to know her better:

What drew you to babysitting? 

I’ve always loved kids and enjoyed taking care of them since I was in high school. In high school, I joined the tutoring club for elementary students and from then on, I started babysitting and loved it!

What do you like best about babysitting? 

I like that it’s super fun and light! It’s always enjoyable getting to know the children and playing with them but also making sure that they are being safe while doing so.

What do you find most challenging about babysitting? 

The thing I find most challenging about babysitting is that every family is different and therefore might have different values or different priorities for their children. So it is very important to communicate that with parents before babysitting children so you can accommodate to those needs.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I like going out to eat at restaurants with friends and family as well as going to the cinema. I also like relaxing at home whenever I have free time!

In what ways have working with kids impacted your life? 

It’s given me a sense of responsibility and patience that I really value and it’s also given me a whole new perspective on life. But most importantly, it’s given me a lot of joy!

Do you have any fond memories or stories from babysitting? 

I think every babysitting job I’ve had has been a fond memory because I really have come to care for each child and always had fun playing with them! Also, from each babysitting job, I’ve always been able to develop a nice, positive relationship with the parents where there is mutual trust.

What do you like about working on CareFinder? 

I like that CareFinder is a super efficient and an easy way to find babysitting jobs and communicate all the necessary information between parents and babysitters.
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