2023 Summer Camps in and around Tokyo

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2023 Summer Camps in and around Tokyo


It's that time of year again:

Time for CareFinder to offer our annual round-up of can't-miss camp opportunities in and around Tokyo for summer 2023. Check out the list below (and stay tuned as we make updates)!

Classic Camp Experience

What comes to mind when you think "summer camp?" Chances are, it's outdoor fun — hiking, canoeing, and campfires! If you have a young adventurer in your home, or a child who just needs an outlet for all that energy, check out the below options for that classic camp experience.

Eton House Hakuba Summer Camp

July 24-28

Five days and four nights of all the traditional camp fare, as well as firefly tours and stand-up paddleboarding!

English Adventure Summer Camp

Various Dates

Depending on your child's English comfort-level — from beginner to fluent — there are tons of options to choose from at this camp-plus-language-tutoring opportunity!

Discover Japan Nanbo Summer Camp

Sessions beginning July 2 through August 13

This camp, a few hours south of Tokyo, is the ideal destination for children interested in marine life — tide pool exploration and shell collection are on the docket!

Evergreen Outdoor Center Summer Camps

Various Dates

The Evergreen summer camps truly have options for all types of campers — from mountaineers to those who prefer a day-camp experience.

KSpace Summer School

July 17-August 19

This day camp is perfect for younger children (as young as 14 months!) who need enriching diversions but aren't quite ready to sleepaway.


Not every child is into the outdoors — and that's fine! There are tech-focused camps that are sure to be a hit with the coder in your household.

Tokyo Coding Club

July 17-21 & August 14-18

This camp offers coding lessons (of course!) but also teaches campers about digital animation, robotics, and Minecraft.

Coding Lab

June - September

This is a wonderful opportunity for coders of all ages — classes begin at five years old, and are offered all the way up to 18!

Dream Seeds Camp

Ongoing weekends

While not technically a camp — classes are offered all year-round — Dream Seeds offers an array of cool technology to learn about and serves as an outlet for stir-crazy kids.

An Academic Boost

Summer is definitely a time for having fun, but that doesn't mean your children can't also learn something new! These camps offer a combination of traditional camp activities and opportunities to boost academics.

Hakuba International School Summer Program

Several sessions beginning June 26

This is a wonderful opportunity for children interested in the environment and sustainability; campers partake in outdoor, project-based learning.

Tokyo International Summer School

Several sessions beginning June 19

TIS offers the gamut of educational opportunities in its summer school program, from math and science to visual and performing arts.

Laurus International STEAM Summer School

Details to come

Given Laurus' primary focus on science, campers can expect fun and engaging related activities and lessons during the summer program.

Strengthen Sports Skills

Most summer camps offer opportunities for free play, including a pick-up match or two. These camps, however, focus completely on strengthening (or teaching) sports skills, so they're a great option for the football superstar in your home.

FC Nomade Summer Camp

Several sessions beginning June 26

This is an overnight option in Shimoda — so it could also double as a nice family vacation!

British Football Academy


BFA isn't technically a camp — footballers can play all year round — but the array of classes make it a perfect option to look into for children who need regular game time. 

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