15 Springtime Arts and Crafts Ideas

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15 springtime arts and crafts ideas japan

15 Springtime Arts and Crafts Ideas


Are you looking for creative ways to celebrate springtime? Check out these seasonal arts and crafts!

In addition to being great ways to entertain and occupy the kids, and supply endless new pieces of art for your refrigerator, many arts and crafts help younger children hone their fine motor skills. Older kids can benefit from lessons on science and math, as well. Plus, they provide a great incentive to get outside and collect natural supplies on a nice day!

We've rounded up a few of our favorite springtime arts and crafts for your family. We hope they inspire hours of fun!

Thumbprint Bugs

Bugs aren't necessarily our favorite part of the spring, but when they're made of your child's fingerprints, they're a whole bunch cuter. As a bonus, there are also suggested books to accompany this craft!

Fingerprint Cherry Blossoms

What better way to celebrate Sakura season than to create your own hanami inspiration with fingerprints! With just a few key ingredients, your kids can transform the living room into a forest.

Sensory Garden Art

Mother Nature can be a one-stop-shop for your arts and crafts needs! Help the kids gather up petals, leaves and stems for their interpretation of a garden.

Garden Creatures

In a similar vein, you could choose instead to get really creative with your nature supplies and use them to make butterflies, fish and more!

Cotton Ball Lamb

This is another great craft idea to incorporate touch! Help your little one assemble an adorable lamb out of cotton balls and paper plates.

Bird Seed Alphabet

Incorporate language learning and sensory play — and then head outside to feed the birds! This activity has a high probability to get messy, so be sure you have the vacuum handy.

Pet Rocks

Next time you're on a walk, make sure to collect a few choice-looking rocks to take home to decorate! The possibilities are endless (and surprisingly, painting rocks is lots of fun) but we love these little ducklings, as well.

Coffee Filter Flowers

Mix art with a little bit of science! Older kids will get a kick out of the many ways to mix colors and saturate the filters. Plus, the end result is really beautiful!

Rainbow Water

Another fun lesson in color mixing is this simple water experiment. All you'll need are a few glasses, some food coloring and cloth. They'll be in awe of the rainbow they create!

Earthworm Hotel

If you don't mind creepy crawlies, send the kids out to collect some earthworms after the next rain. Then, help them build a worm dream home with sand, dirt and a little bit of water in an empty water jug.

Clouds in a Jar

Learn a little about clouds (ahead of rainy season!) and help your big kids with a really cool science experiment. Play around with multiple colors of "rain" and you'll have a rainbow of jars!

Eggshell Planters

We love this eco-friendly activity! Pro tip: Make sure you have room for the garden once it outgrows the eggshells, though.

Mini Greenhouse

If you'd prefer they grow something that doesn't need as much space, these mini greenhouses are perfect! They're great incubators for herbs.

Spring Fizzies

This craft is a little more time-intensive and definitely requires adult assistance — but the payoff is worth it! Have a great time slyly teaching them about chemical reactions.

Egg Drop Challenge

Why not turn arts and crafts into some (friendly) competition?! Have the kids experiment with different containers to see which protect eggs best. Warning: you WILL want to do this outdoors, otherwise you'll be cleaning up a lot of yolk!

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