10 Seasonal Activities & Crafts Perfect for Fall!

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seasonal activity and craft ideas perfect for fall

10 Seasonal Activities & Crafts Perfect for Fall!


If you are looking for some inspiration for your family's next DIY craft project this fall, look no further! We've rounded up our favorite seasonal activities and crafts for the whole family. Apples, leaves, pumpkins, chestnuts and more are perfect ingredients to get you started. Whether you want to hang out indoors or take advantage of the beautiful autumn weather in Japan, give these all a try!

Leaf Art

Now is the best time to collect colorful leaves around your neighborhood! Bring them home, cut them in half and have your children draw the other side! They can be creative and imaginative, or stick to realism. Either way, you'll have beautiful fall decor (and a busy kid)!

Vegetable Stamp Leaves

Fall isn't only a great time to eat your veggies, it's the perfect time to create stamps from potatoes, carrots, peppers and more! Use your produce and some (washable) paint to create your own versions of fall foliage.

Sun Catchers

Even though the fall weather is lovely, the sunshine doesn't last nearly as long as we wish it would! Capture some of it with delightful leaf-shaped sun catchers, made from tissue paper and cardboard.

Washi Tape Pumpkins

If there is one art supply that can be found in abundance in Japan, it is washi tape! Swing by the closest Daiso to pick out several patterns on the cheap and get to work with your little ones designing festive fall pumpkins.

Leaf Monsters

Head outside to find the prettiest leaf specimens and bring them home to turn them into the cutest little monsters! Pick up googly eyes and a paint brush and the kids will have a blast giving their leaves life.

Pumpkin Hand Print Keepsake

Here's a fun activity for the kids that will also leave you with a wonderful memory! All you need is a little cornstarch, baking soda and water to create the mold, and a tiny little hand to create the memory.

Hand Print Apple Tree

Here's another keepsake craft idea that might be slightly less messy! Create a paper plate apple tree with your little one and use their hands to make the leaves.

Chestnut Family

You can find bundles of chestnuts at most markets these days. Snag one and use googly eyes, pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks to create a chestnut doppleganger for everyone in your family, including your pets!

Thanksgiving Thank Yous

Monday, 23 November is Labour Thanksgiving! Traditionally, kids will make thank you drawings and letters to give to the police officers and firefighters in their community. It's a perfect craft to entertain the kids and teach them about gratitude!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

The best way to take advantage of the season is to get out and about in Mother Nature! Create a scavenger hunt ahead of your next family outing (like a stamp rally!) and the whole family can compete for a fun prize.

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