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Japanese, English, Chinese
¥2,000 ~ Accepts Online Payments
10+ years

Hello! My name is Agnes. I am from Hong Kong and married with my Japanese husband. I have 2 kids, both of them are elementary school students. I am confident to take care of small baby too! Not only taking care of my kids, but my sisters and cousin newborn babies are all taking care by me!

I can cook some simple baby food or of course I can follow what you prepared for your babies!

Looking forward to the opportunity to take care of your children!




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Japanese, Russian, English
¥1,500 ~
Saitama, Tokyo
3 years

Hi !!
My name is Erik. I studied at Westminster University and currently at Tokyo International University. I am a sociable, kind, funny and responsible person! I can speak Japanese, English, Russian and Uzbek. I worked at a summer camp for 3 years as a scout leader. While working with 60 kids, I was responsible for their security, health and dance classes. Moreover, I have experience working as a tutor+babysitter of my neighborhood. I can help your child to improve his English communication skills. Besides that, I was professional soccer player under 18 and used to go to tennis for 8 years! I am young and I can easily relate to kids.
Looking forward to meet you! ^_^

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Эркин. Учился в Вэстминстерском ун. затем перевелся в Токийский Междун. ун. где в данный момент обучаюсь. Человек я тот с которым очень легко найти общий язык, кроме того я веселый и одновременно серьезно отношусь к своей работе. Владею четырьмя языками такие как Англ, Русский, Японский и Узбекский. Мой опыт обращения с детьми начался когда я работал с детьми в летнем лагере на протяжении двух лет. Возраст начинался с 5 до 11 лет. Я был ответственным за весь отряд который включал 60 детишек, к тому же за мной стояло следить за их здоровьем, питанием и постановка хареографии. Также работал персональной няней и обучал английскому языку. В прошлом я был профессиональным футболистом и теннисистом на протяжении 9 лет, что говорит о том что я могу помочь вашему ребенку со спортивными упражнениями или даже самим спортом в целом. Так как я молодой, очень быстро нахожу язык с детьми.
Надеюсь что скоро увидимся!

みなさまこんにちは僕はエリックです。今東京国際大学で留学生しています。僕は英語とロシア語とウズベク語とトルコ語を 喋れます。経験はサマーキャンプで3年ぐらい働きました。そこでスカウトリーダーでして色々なことをやりました。それに子供の安全と健康を担当しました。


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Japanese, English
¥2,000 ~ Accepts Online Payments
Tokyo, Kanagawa
2 years

Hello, I’m Kanae and I used to study in the UK for 3 and half years. So I can speak both Japanese and English. I love taking care of kids, just playing and having fun with them. I usually take care of my friends’ kids and I really like it.

Activities that I like to do with kids are: playing legos, reading books, and drawing some characters.
I have a special talent, which is singing with children. I am better with Japanese kids songs, but I also like to sing English songs as well.
My babysitting experience is that I took care of Church children aged 1 to 3 years old for 2 years. Also I play and take care of my neighbour’s kid. I can teach both Japanese and English as well as some academic things too.

Just to inform you, I’m allergic to dogs and cats. So please let me know if you have pets!






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¥2,000 ~ 2,500
2 years

My name is Esther and I am from the United Kingdom but I am currently living in Japan, studying my masters degree entitled 'International Peace Studies' at Soka University. I have previously worked in a children's nursery working with babies aged from 6 months old to 10 year olds. This gave me the experience in working with a variety of children of different ages which enabled me to understand how their needs vary depending on their age. I helped my sister for a year care for her two children from two weeks old which included changing nappies and putting them down to sleep to entertaining the eldest of the children through reading and singing to preparing his lunch. As well as this, I have been a weekend baby sitter in Japan which involved planning days out, fun home activities and cooking lunch and dinners. I consider myself to be very creative and nurturing.

I enjoy helping children of all ages enjoy the creative side of life. This includes exploring the fine arts such as sculpting with clay, painting, knitting and creating jewellery including many other creative aspects. I do like to engage in free style modern dancing which is always uplifting and is a fun way to stay active. I have previously been a chef and a baker so I also enjoy teaching and cooking with children. The outdoor activities that I like to plan include trips to natural history museums, trips to the zoo, trips to the local park and trips to ice skating.

I have previously held a fully qualified First Aid licence which has enabled me to respond immediately to first aid incidents as well as obtaining my British Sign Language level one certification.



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English, French
¥1,500 ~
2 years

Hi, my name is Tadas! I am Lithuanian and I speak Lithuanian, English and French fluently, can also string a sentence or two together in German. Most of my life l have spent in Lithuania and Belgium, I have now been living in Japan and studying at Waseda University in Tokyo since September 2018. I have some experience babysitting children aged between 5 and 13 years old, mainly my unruly younger cousins during family gatherings.
I am really looking forward to take care of your children!

Bonjour, je m’appelle Tadas! Je suis lituanien et je parle couramment le lituanien, le français et l’anglais. J’ai passé une grande partie de ma vie en Lituanie et en Belgique, j’étudie maintenant à l’université de Waseda à Tokyo. J’ai de l’expérience dans la garde d’enfants âgés de 5 à 13 ans, en particulier mes cousins incontrôlables lors de fêtes de famille. J’ai hâte de m'occuper de vos enfants !



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Japanese, English
¥2,000 ~ 3,000 Accepts Online Payments
Tokyo, Kanagawa
7 years

For childcare, I had an experience as assistance in the newborn and baby nursery of the hospital for around 1 year. The main duty was to feed, clean, and put them to sleep. Also, I was a volunteer in the foster home for children from the age of 2 till they go to school (averagely 7 years old) for 3 years. The main duty was to prepare the food and stimulate their development through activities. Also, I have 4 years of experience in English teaching to Japanese Children between the age of 4-12.

I am originally from Thailand. Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate in earthquake engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology. I have been in Japan for five years. In my free time, I usually read or take a walk around the neighborhood. Even my primary filed is focusing on engineering, but my passion has always been for children. With all the experiences and skills, I hope to out the best in me for childcare and their big smile.

Looking forward to meeting you!

สำหรับการดูแลเด็กฉันมีประสบการณ์เป็นผู้ช่วยเหลือในแผนกทารกแรกเกิดของโรงพยาบาลประมาณ 1 ปี หน้าที่หลักคือการป้อนอาหาร อาบน้ำ และทำให้พวกเขาหลับ นอกจากนี้ฉันยังเป็นอาสาสมัครในบ้านอุปถัมภ์สำหรับเด็กกำพร้าตั้งแต่อายุประมาณ 2 ปีจนกระทั่งพวกเขาสามารถไปโรงเรียนได้ (โดยเฉลี่ย 7 ปี) เป็นเวลา 3 ปี หน้าที่หลักคือการเตรียมอาหารและกระตุ้นการพัฒนาผ่านกิจกรรมต่าง ๆ นอกจากนี้ฉันมีประสบการณ์ 4 ปีในการสอนภาษาอังกฤษให้กับเด็กญี่ปุ่นอายุระหว่าง 4-12 ปี

ฉันมาจากประเทศไทยค่ะ ปัจจุบันฉันเป็นนักศึกษาปริญญาเอกในสาขาวิศวกรรมแผ่นดินไหว ฉันอยู่ญี่ปุ่นมาห้าปีแล้ว ในเวลาว่างฉันมักจะอ่านหนังสือหรือเดินเล่น ด้วยประสบการณ์และทักษะทั้งหมดที่มี ฉันหวังว่าจะสามารถมอบสิ่งที่ดีที่สุดสำหรับฉันในการดูแลเด็กและรอยยิ้มอันยิ่งใหญ่ของพวกเขา


私はタイ出身です。 子守の経験は5年くらいあります。 私は4歳から12歳までの日本の子供たちに英語教員に勤めて4年になりました。高校生時病院で赤ちゃんを子守のアルバイトしたことがあります。さらに里子の子守のボランティアは3年間くらいしたことがあります。





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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ Accepts Online Payments
Tokyo, Kanagawa
2 years

Hello, my name is Leiya. I am an artist and producer here in Tokyo. I work as a babysitter because I want to support the happiness of kids!

I am a native Japanese and English speaker, and so am comfortable communicating in both languages! During my university years, I worked as a counselor at an international (English and Japanese) summer camp for elementary school children (5 to 12 years old). My day to day as a counselor involved playing outdoor games, arts & crafts activities as well as teaching English to the kids.

I also have experience caring for my cousins when they were between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. This involved picking them up from school, preparing meals, helping with homework and helping them get to bed.

I enjoy activities such as drawing, painting, arts & crafts and reading, and have personal arts & crafts materials that I am happy to provide to your children. If your child enjoys outdoor activities, I am more than happy to accompany them on an outdoor adventure!

I am also good with pets (owned a cat for a few years), so feel free to contact me if you've got a pet at home. I am open to taking you pup out for walks if need be :)







Maria K

2 reviews
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Japanese, English, German
¥1,500 ~ 3,000
Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa
6 years

Hi, my name is Maria.
I´m working in Japan as au pair now, so I´m spending my everyday life with children. And because I´m the biggest sister of two siblings, I have experience with kids since my childhood. Therefore I studied to become a teacher for the elementary school. Since about 6 years I´m doing babysitting for kids with different background and ages.
I´m also very interested in different cultures and languages. I speak German, English and Arabic fluently. And right now I´m learning Japanese.
I´m an open-minded, decent and ambitious person. My favorite hobbies are traveling and working with children. Other hobbies of mine are dancing, theatre, creative writing and cycling or hiking. I like to go to parks, walk through the city and discover new places. I like new experiences and I´m very enthusiastic.
Also I get along with pets, like dogs and cats.
If you have any questions or if you want more information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you =)

Hallo, ich bin Maria.
Ich arbeite momentan als Au-Pair in Japan, deshalb verbringe ich meinen Alltag sehr oft mit Kindern. Ich habe seit meiner Jugend viel Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung, unter anderem auch deshalb, weil ich die älteste Schwester von drei Kindern bin.
Daher studierte ich auch Grundschullehramt. Seit ca. 6 Jahren babysitte ich bei verschiedenen Familien und Kindern mit unterschiedlicher Herkunft und unterschiedlichem Alter.
Ich bin auch sehr an diversen Kulturen und Sprachen interessiert. Ich spreche Deutsch, Englisch, Arabisch und lerne momentan noch Japanisch.
Ich bin eine aufgeschlossene, vernünftige und ehrgeizige Person. Meine Hobbies sind besonders das Reisen und die Arbeit mit Kindern. Andere Hobbies sind z.B. tanzen, Theater, kreatives Schreiben und Fahrrad fahren oder wandern. Ich gehe auch gerne zu Parks, laufe durch die Stadt und schaue mir neue Orte an. Ich mag neue Erfahrungen und bin sehr begeisterungsfähig.
Außerdem habe ich keine Probleme mit Haustieren, z.B. Hunden oder Katzen.
Falls Ihr Fragen haben solltet oder mehr Informationen möchtet, zögert nicht, mich anzuschreiben. Ich freue mich. Danke =)

.مرحبا إسمي ماريا
.Au-Pair أنا حا لياً بشتخل مربيه
.كل يوم بشتخل مع الأولاد
.تخرّجت من الجامعة ملعمة إبتدائ
.اتكلم: الماني - انكليزي - عربي و شوي ياباني
.بحكي اللهجة اللبنانية ولكن لا استطيع كثيراً القراءة والكتابة بالعربي
.إذا كان لديكم بعض الأسئلة رجاءً اكتبولي
.تحياتي لكم سلفاً وشكراً



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¥1,500 ~ 3,000
Tokyo, Kanagawa
4 years

Hello, my name is Marta, lovely to meet you!
I was raised in Poland, I speak English, Polish and a little Japanese (I am still learning, approximately level N4).

I am an energetic and creative teacher. I have been working with children for last 4 years. For two years I worked with kindergarteners aged between 3 and 6 years old at Bilingual Preschool. Later I have worked at language schools teaching children and teenagers. I have a master's degree in teaching English to young learners and I had an opportunity to learn from best teachers and to work with children from different backgrounds and nationalities.

I love working with kids and I have a lot of energy. I enjoy outdoors and I always try to keep busy. I'm a huge fan of children's literature and I have a small collection of books in Poland. I think reading with a child has huge benefits and is really enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to playing and reading with your kids :)
I grew up in a house with a dog in it so I'd love to take care of animals as well.

If you'd like to learn more about me and my teaching philosophy visit my website:

Dzień dobry,
Nazywam się Marta, pochodzę z Polski i jestem w Japonii na wizie working holiday. Mówię po Polsku, Angielsku i uczę się Japońskiego.
Przez ostatnie cztery lata pracowałam z dziećmi i młodzieżą, głównie ucząc języka angielskiego. Przez prawie dwa lata pracowałam w międzynarodowym przedszkolu w Warszawie a później uczyłam w szkołach językowych. Pracowałam głównie z dziećmi w wieku od trzech lat do nastolatków. Ukończyłam studia magisterskie "Teaching English to Young Learners" w języku angielskim.
Uwielbiam spędzanie czasu na świeżym powietrzu i zawsze staram się znaleźć aktywne zajęcie. Uwielbiam też literaturę dziecięcą a w Polsce mam małą kolekcję książeczek. Z chęcią poznam was i wasze dziecko.



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English, French, German
¥1,500 ~ Accepts Online Payments
Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa
3 years

I'm a 20 year old girl from Germany. I came to Tokyo 5 months ago and I've been teaching English to children from the age 3 to 18 as well as adults. I speak German and English on a native level. I also speak a bit of French and i started studying Japanese.
Back in Germany i used to babysit every now and then for my neighbors childs between 4 and 8. We played some games and most of the time it was my duty to bring the child to bed and then watch over it.
I also did after school tutoring for teenagers between 11 and 14 in english.
It's also no problem if you have an animal! I have 3 dogs and a cat back in Germany so i can also take care of your fluffy family members :)
I can watch over your kids play games with them, sing and dance but we can also do outdoor activities like going to a park, the zoo or an aquarium if you wish.
I'm looking forward to take care of your children!

Guten Tag,
Ich heiße Tabea und bin 20 Jahre alt. Ich komme aus Deutschland, bin seit 5 Monaten in Tokyo und habe bis derzeit als English Lehrer für 3-18 Jährige und Erwachsene gearbeitet.
Ich spreche fließend Deutsch und English sowie ein bisschen Französisch und ich lerne derzeit Japanisch.
In Deutschland habe ich ab und zu für meine Nachbarn und Familie gebabysittet (die Kinder waren zwischen 4 und 8). Ich habe mit den Kindern gespielt und Fernseh geschaut aber meistens habe ich die Kinder zu Bett gebracht und dann auf sie aufgepasst bis die Eltern nach Hause kamen.
Ich habe auch 11 bis 14 Jährigen in Englisch Nachhilfe gegeben.
Ich liebe Tiere da ich selber 3 Hunde sowie eine Katze habe. Ich würde mich auch freuen auf ihre fluffigen Familienmitglieder auf zu passen.
Ich bin offen für alle Aktivitäten offen aber ich würde mich so freuen mit ihren Kindern zu spielen, tanzen und zu singen sowie einiges Outdoor zu unternehmen zum Beispiel ein Zoo Besuch oder Aquarium Besuch.
Ich freue mich darauf Sie und Ihre Kinder kennen zu lernen!

Je suis une fille de 20 ans d'Allemagne. Je suis venue à Tokyo il y a 5 mois et j'enseigne l'anglais aux enfants de 3 à 18 ans ainsi qu'aux adultes. Je parle l'allemand et l'anglais est la langue maternelle. Je parle aussi un peu français et j'ai commencé à étudier le japonais.
De retour en Allemagne, je gardais de temps en temps des enfants de 4 à 8 ans pour mes voisins. Nous avons joué à des jeux et la plupart du temps, il était de mon devoir d'amener l'enfant au lit et de veiller sur lui.
J'ai également suivi des cours particuliers en anglais après l'école pour des adolescents entre 11 et 14 ans.
Il n'y a pas de problème non plus si vous avez un animal! J'ai 3 chiens et un chat en Allemagne donc je peux aussi prendre soin des membres de votre famille moelleux :)
Je peux voir vos enfants jouer à des jeux avec eux, chanter et danser, mais nous pouvons aussi faire des activités en plein air comme aller dans un parc, Le zoo ou un aquarium si vous le souhaitez.
Je suis impatient de prendre soin de vos enfants!


Mary Haruka

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Japanese, English, French, Spanish
¥1,500 ~ 3,000 Accepts Online Payments
Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa
5 years

Hello all!
I am a recent college graduate that is currently studying for entrance exams for graduate school. I have 5+ years of experience in caring for children from infants to 10 years old, as well as teaching English and Japanese. I have also done over 50 hours of community service volunteering at a local preschool in Japan. I am CPR and first aid certified and have a Japanese driver's license if that ever may be necessary. I am a happy and active person and find that children share the same kind of energy so this is my ideal job at this point in my life. I enjoy singing, dancing, playing sports, and cooking. I have been an instructor for wrestling for close to 5 years and also have experience teaching and coaching children. I can provide recommendations and references as well. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help or even a day off!

Spanish Introduction
Tengo 5 años de experiencia con niños.
Me gusta cocinar, cantar, y practicar deporte.
Soy certificado de primeros auxilios y RCP y, tengo licencia de manejo.
Quedo a la espera de su respuesta.

French Introduction
J'ai 5 ans d'experiences avec enfants des tous les âges.
J'aime cuisiner, chanter et faire du sport.
J'ai des attestations en premiers soins et en RCR, et un permis de conduire.
Merci, et j'attends votre réponse!

教師やベビーシッターのお仕事は5年以上の経験があり、生後3ヶ月の赤ちゃんから高校生までのお子さんのベビーシッターや教師をした経験があります。趣味はスポーツと料理です、教師とベビーシッターの仕事の他にレスリングのインストラクターの仕事をしています。CPR/ AED/運転免許証もあるので安心してお子さんと楽しい時間を過ごせます。


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¥1,500 ~ 2,500 Accepts Online Payments
Tokyo, Kanagawa
10+ years

This babysitter's introduction is in Japanese.





フルオーダー保育 chouchou 

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¥2,000 ~ 2,500
Tokyo, Kanagawa
5 years

This babysitter's introduction is in Japanese.

東京 神奈川にてチャイルドマインダーとして活動中です。


南武線 津田山です。


産後 お母様の身体も 御家族の皆様も環境も変わりますよね。
生後すぐのお子様をお預けになる事が難しい状況でも 色々とご用事や 上のお子様のサポートなど

お近くの方 2時間よりお引き受けさせて頂きます。ご相談下さい。

私は 子育て中は 小児科の医療事務員として10年正社員として勤務してました。

三人の子育て終了後 念願のチャイルドマインダーの資格取得致しまして今に至ります。

現在は 保育園や同じチャイルドマインダーの方々にもご指導頂き 託児ルームなどでの経験と 訪問チャイルドマインダーの経験を積み 様々なご家庭のサポートをさせて頂く事 そしてお役にたてる事 たくさんのご家庭へお伺いし ご両親、お子様の 笑顔を楽しみに日々活動しています。

現在 はお子様の勇気づけの言葉かけ ELM(エルム)リーダー養成講座


東京都の保育支援者講習などにも参加し 保育についても日々学んでおります。




安心 安全 happyに。
お子様の個性にあわせた きめ細やかな保育を
お子様が大切にされていることを感じる 自己肯定感を育む保育を お約束します。

(スケジュールの都合にてお引き受けが難しい事もございます。)なお 送迎のみの場合は1時間のご依頼でも 2時間分の料金を頂戴させて頂いてます。ご了承下さい。

更にNCMAjapanネットワーク 病児ケアマインダー研修会にて 病児保育のプログラムを終了致しました。年に何度かの講習 勉強会などにも参加させて頂いております。

輝きベビーアドバイザー 資格
知育おもちゃ遊びなど ご提案させて頂いております。


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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 2,500
3 years

Hi, My name is Yu, I am Japanese, I can speak English and Filipino.
I love sports, I used be a varsity soccer player during high school and I do enjoy singing, listening to music, and boxing.
I am fond of drawing, making origami, and I also enjoy teaching children learn to speak, to write, and read Japanese language and English as well.
I look forward to have an opportunity to help you out in taking care of your children.



1 review
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Japanese, English
¥2,000 ~ 3,000
Tokyo, Kanagawa
5 years


My name is Lizzie and I'm from the Philippines. As the eldest child in the family, I was brought up with 4 younger siblings, and after moving to Manila for university 6 years ago, I have also helped in raising my cousin's son who was then 6 months old. I can converse in English, Japanese, and Filipino, was born and raised in a province in the Philippines, and have lived in Japan for at least a year now.

I can play the piano and can teach the basics of music (for example, note reading and basic piano exercises) to your kids. I also love doing artistic stuff like drawing, painting, and sketching, and I used to do DIY projects based on the materials in the internet, so your children and I can have fun while learning. I am good at navigating myself through tough places without getting lost so you can be rest assured that your children will be safe with me when I pick them up or drop them off at requested locations. Furthermore, my family has kept not only a lot of dogs but also rabbits, cats, fish, love birds, and even a small wild cat while my siblings and I were growing up so I can take care of your pets while also looking out for your children.

Looking forward to the opportunity of taking care of your children!





Parent Testimonial About Variety

Parent Testimonial About Variety
I think there’s a really great choice of sitters on carefinder. I was really impressed with the variety, I mean we had young people, older people, bilingual people, people who spoke English natively, Japanese natives, so for whatever I needed for my family, I felt like we could find a person that was right. So, I was really impressed right from the beginning.
Take advantage of the benefits of joining Carefinder!