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English, Spanish
¥1,500 ~
Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara
3 years

My name is Mariana, I am 25 years old and I am a psychologist from Argentina. I am actually living in Kyoto with a Working Holiday Visa. My native language is Spanish but I also speak english very well.
I have three years of experience working with children aged between 3 and 10 years old. I have been working in different areas such as schools, particularly houses and playgroups.
I worked in different schools with children with disabilities, such as autism and intellectual disability. I used to help them with homework, the relationship with their classmates and in their every day activities.
I enjoy planning differents activities for kids and I always try to create a good space where they can feel safe and enjoy it.
I enjoy help children with their homework, cooked for or with them, sing songs, read them stories, make arts and crafts and also take them to the park.
I also like taking care of pets!
Looking forward to the opportunity to make contact with your children and learn with them!

Mi nombre es Mariana, tengo 25 años y soy Licenciada en Psicología. Soy de Argentina, mi idioma nativo es el español pero también hablo inglés de forma fluida.
Actualmente me encuentro viviendo en Kioto con una visa Working Holiday.
Tengo tres años de experiencia trabajando con niños desde los 3 a 10 años. He trabajado en distintos contextos como escuelas, casas particulares y grupos de juego. He trabajado con niños con distintas discapacidades como autismo y retraso madurativo en el contexto escolar, ayudándolos en sus actividades diarias como la realización de tareas indicadas por la maestra o en la interacción con sus compañeros de clases, también solía contenerlos y calmarlos en momentos estresantes, para que puedan disfrutar el día a día de manera saludable y enriquecedora.
Me gusta planificar distintas actividades para que los niños se sientan seguros y puedan disfrutar del espacio de forma saludable.
Disfruto cocinar para y con los niños, ayudarlos con sus tareas, realizar artesanías, cantar canciones, leerles historias y hasta llevarlos a dar un paseo por el parque.
También no tendría problema en cuidar de sus mascotas.
¡Espero la oportunidad de tomar contacto con tus hijos y aprender con ellos!



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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ Accepts Online Payments
Shiga, Kyoto
10+ years

I’m Eunice from Nigeria.
I’ve been living in Japan for 4years.
I’m a mother of two children, ages 5 and 2.

I speak fluent English, Yoruba, Pidgin and conversational Japanese.

My hobbies are dancing, singing, reading and playing(of course with children).

I’m very energetic and that’s why I dance almost every day even though I’m not good at dancing.
I started living with my older brother and his wife when I was in junior high school until I finished my college degree and got married and was part of raising his kids. In other words, I’ve been babysitting since I was in junior high school.
While living with my older brother, I was responsible for picking up and dropping off his kids at school as well as helping them with their homework.
I formerly worked as a preschool teacher at an international preschool where I was responsible for caring for kids ages 5 and below.
Currently, I work as a part time English teacher at a language school. Teaching conversational English and phonics to young learners(ages 4-15) and adults(20-75).
In addition to working in a school, I also have experience playing in English and looking after children aged between 2 and 7years at their homes.

I single-handedly raised my two kids from infancy so I can care for babies of all ages(even a minute old baby).

Apart from my experiences, I also hold a teaching certificate in TEFL with specification to teaching English to young learners.
I look forward to the opportunity to meet your family and have fun with your children!

Oruko mi ni Yunis
Omo bibi ilu Naijeria ni mi.
Mo ti wa ni ilu Japanu fun odun merin gbako.
Mo ni omo meji.
Mo le so ede Yoruba,ede Geesi, ede pidgin ati ede Japanese die.
Moferan ijo jijo,orin kiko, iwe kika ati ere sise pelu awon omo wewe.

Inu mi yoo dun gan lati pade yin ati lati sere papo ati lati toju awon omo yin.
Esheun pupo!


Momo N

2 reviews
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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 3,000 Accepts Online Payments
Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara
3 years
Currently, this babysitter is busy and is not taking any new jobs.
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Hello! My name is Momo. I was born in Shiga, but I grew up in the United States and graduated Georgetown University. My childcare experience mainly comes from taking care of my sister, who is 8 years younger than me. I am bilingual in Japanese and English.

Some activities I do with children include:
-reading stories

I also offer online services including:
-tutoring (Eiken, TOEIC, SAT, AP classes)
-reading stories
-sing alongs

However, I am flexible and would be willing to learn any new activity your child wants to do! I can also simply play with your children in English or Japanese to improve their perspective languages.

I also have a pet chihuahua at home and have had petsitting experiences in the past. I would be comfortable looking after your dogs or cats in addition to your children.

Regarding the pricing, I ask for 1500~3000/hr plus transportation.
I mainly work around the kansai area, but I can cover any prefecture in Japan for online lessons.

I absolutely love children, and I would be so lucky to be able to meet yours!
My availability for time frames and days can also be flexible.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions!






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