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Japanese, English
Negotiable Accepts Online Payments
3 years

I am Japanese but I've spent my childhood in countries such as, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Thailand, and I am currently studying in Okayama (studying for teacher's licence in Biology). I come from 5 siblings and have taken care of my younger brother and sister (the youngest is 11 years younger than me), from changing diapers to brushing teeth and playing with them. I have experience in baby sitting a one year old and two elementary girls in Okayama and Singapore. Fluent in both English and Japanese (and am studying Chinese).

Educational philosophy
My mother was very health conscious, and I grew up under her influence. I prefer organic and natural food, less oil, minimum junk. I also prefer to physically interact with children rather than entertaining them with screens. I was also raised though sports and books and playing game face to face with other siblings or friends. I used to play table tennis, squash, and swim for fun, but I played softball, tennis, and ultimate frisbee in a team and I now belong to a dance club from my school.



Chige (チゲ)

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Japanese, English
¥1,500 ~ 2,500 Accepts Online Payments
5 years

My name is Chigaemezu. (Chige for short)
I was born and raised in Nigeria, and I grew up doing a lot of babysitting for my family, neighbors, and students.

My activities with children include: reading stories, dancing classes, art, and craft, playing board games. I offer online services such as basic exercise/ dancing, reading stories, sing-alongs. I am also welcome to pets.

I'm currently in my first studying educational psychology at Okayama University. I speak Igbo, English, Japanese, and I am at the beginner levels of French Spanish and Chinese.
Looking forward to spending time and taking care of your children!

Ndeewo, aham bu chigaemezu.

etolitere m na eleta umuaka na ezinolu m na ndiagbata obi. ihe omume m an umuaka gunyere igu akwukwo, igwu egwuregwu na ihe ndi ozo. ana kwam akuzi nkuzi na emekwa he ndi ozo dika mmega ahu, ibu abu na ntaneti.

anam ele anya itinye oge na ilokata umu gi.





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