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Stay Busy: Five Tips for Getting More Offers

You've successfully interviewed with CareFinder and have a profile up on the website - so, what now? There are hundreds of jobs posted a week and ideally, you also want parents to seek YOU out! See below for some tips on how to get more offers.
1. Make sure your profile is detailed and up-to-date.
Parents want to know as much about you as possible before determining if they want you to care for their children. The languages you speak are bare minimum and don't do much to set you apart from other sitters. Do you play an instrument (or two)? Do you sew or play a sport? Add it to your profile! Pictures are especially helpful in demonstrating what makes you unique. Parents are not only looking for qualified sitters; they also want someone whose interests and skills may align with their children's hobbies.
Additionally, make sure your schedule and other important logistical details are kept current. It won't help you build up a client base if you're turning down jobs because they're too far away from your new home or fall outside of your availability.
2. Stay on top of CareFinder.
Until you start fielding a flood of incoming job requests, you should pay close attention to posted jobs. Apply to as many as you can (provided they make sense geographically and timing-wise). More applications mean a greater likelihood of landing one or two. You should also make sure you respond to messages and requests as soon as possible to keep your response rate up. Parents want someone they can trust to be communicative; this is an easy way to show that you are.
3. Personalize your messages.
In order to apply for a job, you have to send a message to a prospective parent. Take the time to explain why you're a good fit for the opportunity and why you'd be the best sitter for their kids. If you ever need to decline a job, CareFinder does supply you with a default message, but you should use this as a starting point. Write your own respectful response and encourage them to reach out to you the next time they need a sitter.
4. Follow up.
If you've applied for a job but haven't heard back, send a polite follow-up message to the parents. This could nudge them to make the choice, or at the very least give you an update on the job's status. You should also follow up with the parent after completing a job with them. Though CareFinder provides automated prompts to encourage writing a review, a nice message from you, thanking them for choosing you and asking them to review your work, provides a personal touch.
4. Offer an introductory discount.
If you're just getting started and need to build up your reviews, offering a lower rate to new members of the CareFinder community can help land jobs in the beginning. As you earn more positive reviews (and thus establish yourself as a bonafide sitter), you can gradually increase your rate. You should also take advantage of the unique CareFinder discount code you receive. Everyone loves a deal and paying "less" for something valued "more" is a great incentive to book with you.
5. Get a certification.
While previous experience in caring for children is certainly important, take your skill set up a notch with a certification. CPR, first aid, water safety... even cooking and nutrition or fitness certifications could be helpful tools to have in your kit. Not only will they enable you to take better care of the children you're watching, but they'll also appeal to the care seeker who's looking for that something extra in a sitter.
We're so glad you've chosen to be a part of the CareFinder community and hope that you find great success while working with us. If you ever need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to
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