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Safety First!

Safety First!

At CareFinder, safety is our top priority: for our sitters, for our parents and, most importantly, for the children!
In your Starter Pack, we include "Safety First" as a key requirement of all babysitters in our community. This applies not only to the types of jobs you should accept but also to how you should approach every babysitting job you do.
All CareFinder babysitters have experience and/or have raised their own children, so we trust that you will always have the well-being of the children you're watching top-of-mind.
But it never hurts to get a few reminders!
1. Young children should never be left unattended.
Babies, toddlers and young children are still discovering the world around them and, as such, find it endlessly fascinating to touch things, put them in their mouths or wander off. Taking your eyes off them for even a short period of time can be dangerous.
2. Use your best judgment in potentially dangerous situations.
Provided you have express permission from parents, we encourage you to play outdoors, do arts and crafts or include children in meal preparation when appropriate. But always remember that situations like these - that involve sharp objects or physical activity - can pose safety risks. Take steps ahead of time to reduce any risk and be vigilant throughout the activity. When in doubt about how safe an activity may or may not be, don't do it. Better safe than sorry!
3. Your primary focus is the children.
Some babysitting jobs may go late into the night after younger children are already in bed. While we don't expect (or recommend) that you sit and watch them sleep, they should remain your priority. Perform regular checks to ensure they're still sleeping soundly. This applies to children at nap time, as well.
4. Always, always make safety the first priority.
While we, of course, want every child you watch to have a great time with you, many kids don't always find rules around safety that fun. The children you're watching may not appreciate hearing "no" if they want to do something dangerous, but your goal in those situations is not their friendship, it's their safety. Do your best to explain why running with scissors of jumping off the top of the jungle gym is not a good idea and find less risky ways to play.
Parents come to CareFinder because they know that our babysitters can be trusted to take the very best care of their children. We are proud of our community of babysitters and thank you for your amazing work!
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