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Received Spending Money While Babysitting? Here is how to handle it professionally.


Taking the children out for the day? 

Before you go, the parents may give you some spending money to buy snacks, toys or to do activities like going to the zoo!

Here are ways to handle the money in a professional way:

1. Use the cash you have received

If you have received cash beforehand from parents, please do not use your card or your own money to pay during the job unless you need to.

2. Ask for a receipt when purchasing items

If the store or booth doesn't offer it, write down how much you spent on each item. 

Please say the following in Japanese to ask for a receipt, “Reshiito kudasai.”

3. Return change and receipts to parent

Please hand over any change you have left from the money they have given you to spend during babysitting. Please also show them the receipts so they know how you spent the money.

By following the above, you will continue to build a trusting relationship with the parents and they will feel at ease giving you money to spend with their children! 

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