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Online Payments FAQ

Online Payments FAQ

1. Does my registered account have to be with a Japanese bank?
Yes. You will need a Japanese bank account. If you don't have a Japanese bank account, you can easily open one with Shinei or  Japan Post.
2. Why is CareFinder switching to online payments?
Many parents have requested this capability. It is not very common anymore to carry large quantities of cash and many people feel more comfortable paying online (via a card).
3. Will not enabling online payments impact my ability to get jobs?
Most likely, yes. Because this is a feature requested by parents, we expect it to be a popular choice. Babysitters with the ability to receive online payments will likely be chosen over those without it. Additionally, sitters who have enabled online payments will be given preference in searches.
4. Will you report our bank information or online payments to anyone else, ie. the government?
No. All bank information will be private and, as with all your previous income earned through the CareFinder platform, it is your responsibility to properly report income to the government. CareFinder will have no role in that process.
5. Do I need to register a credit card?
No. All you need is a bank account to ensure that the payments parents make will be able to be deposited.
6. I can't attend any of the in-person assistance sessions. Can I call CareFinder for help in setting up my Stripe account?
Yes! We are happy to walk you through the process via phone if you're not available or otherwise able to come into the Ginza office for in-person help. 
7. What happens if I choose not to enable online payments?
It's ultimately up to you whether or not you want to do so. As mentioned, sitters without the capability are likely to get less jobs (and therefore make less money). Additionally, CareFinder will only pay referral bonuses to online accounts in the future, so you will forfeit this opportunity as well.
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